Natural Monument “Slapovi Sopotnice”

43°10′48″N  19°26′24″E

FUN FACT: if you are based in Niš, Serbia, and you decide to go on a road trip driving at least six hours in one direction you can reach a neighboring country, but … for the same amount of time you can reach the beautiful Sopotnica waterfalls as well. And that's exactly what we did last summer...

Accompanied by a team of fellow researchers from Biological Society "Dr. Sava Petrović" and the Faculty of Science and Mathemathics, University of Nis, I spent few days at the Natural Monument “Slapovi Sopotnice”.  We arrived to the site, and it took us a couple of minutes to figure … definitely this was one of the most beautiful places in western Serbia. If you would like to see what am I talking about, suite yourself and check out the photos below.

While visiting the site, we conducted some hydrobiological research and if you are a biologist and you want to know what we discovered, check it out here.

Sopotnica waterfalls

Sopotnica waterfalls is an area protected as a “Nature monument” located on a mountain Jadovnik and real star of this entire area is the Sopotnica river and her many cascades and waterfalls (with the highest waterfall at 25m). Except the waterfalls, this area also hides many other attractions: really old watermills hidden between the trees of extraordinary shapes and colors. In the past, there were about twenty watermills, but now there are only three, two of which are downstream of the main waterfall.


Team members and some nice moments

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