Fighting Negative Impacts of Tradition on Biodiversity by Education II – building a network Founded by Rufford Small Grant Foundation

Role: Team leader

This project’s aim is to determine and mitigate the negative impact of traditional beliefs and cultural heritage on endangered wild animal species in Serbia. It will combine the data about the selected species occurrence and their presence in the traditional beliefs of local citizens. Second part of the project aims to evaluate intensity of local folklore and cultural heritage impact on the population status of Hermann’s tortoise. Finally, this project aims at educating the pupils about studied species groups, their threat status, the need to protect wild populations and the legislation related to the biodiversity protection.

In touch with the nature Founded by Wikimedia Serbia

Role: Team lider, photographer

The main goal purpose of this project is the popularization of wild species that live on the territory of the republic of Serbia, especially on the territory of protected areas that are facing the negative human impact. One of the main activities is the enrichment of Wikimedia Commons with around 1500 photographs of species and landscapes from the territory of protected areas. Photographing of species and protected area landscapes will be conducted through photo safaris in cooperation with The Institute for nature protection of Serbia and protected area managers. After the completion of this project, hidden residents and hidden beauties of these areas will be available to all visitors of Viki platform and Wikipedia.

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